“We are super excited that the logo feels like the “one” right out of the gate!
You really did an amazing job on this and much quicker than I thought the process would be!”

- April Neuman, A Stable Life, Identity Project (February 2017)

About Me

I specialize in branding, marketing communications and print design but am also an experienced exhibit,
packaging, advertising and web designer. I am known to write some catchy copy when needed,
can whip up some seriously cute illustrations on the fly, and an added bonus here and there:
I can translate any English copy into German or vice versa.

I am a conceptual thinker who strives to communicate a desired message by keeping it
as simple as possible but still making it dynamic, unique, fun and functional.

The challenge for me as a designer is to find the niche between my client and their end user
that will create a positive communication and interaction. It is my job to create my client’s message
visually and address their end user in a fresh, engaging and appropriate way.

With today's continuous technology boom, the design challenges are greater than ever.
The present tools have changed the visual metaphor from a geometric shape into a three-dimensional,
moving, interactive "being." A person’s knowledge can instantly expand with the click of a button.
As a designer I need to communicate across this variety of media in a much shorter amount of time
to ensure that my client gets the most out of their marketing message. The constantly increasing demands
of clients to have a multiple presence in print and on the web calls for more, fast creative ideas.
I thoroughly enjoy that challenge and aim to always surpass my client's expectations!

In my spare time I am a freelance photographer, passionate equestrian and animal advocate.
When not shooting equestrians and their mounts, or riding myself, I can be found hiking about the
Hudson Valley with my wonderful dog, Mocha, whom I adopted from a local animal shelter.

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